RSSC provides services to Jordan as well as international ship owners whose vessels travel in the countries (UAE, Greece, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Egypt). Moreover, our own offices and warehouse facilities in Aqaba port ensure the personalized, timely service required by Ship owners and Ship Officers.

Our experience and continuous efforts over the years have made RSSC one of the most efficient and reliable companies in the ship supplying sector. Moreover, our philosophy of providing the best value for money allows us to contribute to the reduction of the operational expenses of our customers' vessels.

Our company tailors its services to meet demand. We cater to our customers' needs twenty-four hours offering the widest range of high quality products and services. Within this context, we have the capability to supply everything, from the smallest cargo ship to the largest cruise vessel.

o Provisions o

In the provisioning area, RSSC offers the very best provisions at competitive prices. In the first place, we have our own farms that provide first class fruit and vegetable all year round. We also provide many kinds of food stuff such as meats, cheeses, oils, tinned food and more.

Our ability to rapidly transport all supplies to the supply location, guarantees that we only offer the freshest products while we also ensure that provisions are maintained and packed carefully so that they reach their destination in excellent condition.

o Technical and safety equipment and support o

Our company provides technical and safety support services and can supply vessels with the latest approved safety equipment and machinery. we have our own workshop that caters for all maintenance requirements for ocean lines. Also, our company can organize and co - ordinate:
- All types of marine hardware
- Emergency repairs
- Repair and renew of all kinds of pipes, valves, boilers and coolres,ship spare parts
- Tools and measuring equipment
- Industrial plant, mechinery and spare parts
- Marine Chemicals
- Safety Equipment
- Cleaning Materials
- repairs in radio room

Our techical and safety support sevices include inspection of life rafts, fire extinguishers We organize also under water survey, cleaning and propeller polishing.

o Deck, cabin, bonded and engine stores o

RSSC can meet all requirements relating to deck, cabin, bonded and engine stores. These supplies include, for example:
- fire extinguishers
- new and second hand anchors
- chains
- lifeboats
- life rafts
- engine spare parts. All

Equipment is packed in special boxes ensuring that they are transported with absolute safety from our storage area to the vessel.

As a special service to our customers we collect spare parts from local markets & international markets by all means of transportation and delivered them, free of charge to the ships we undertake to supply along with the rest of the order.

We also carry a large stock of bonded goods to meat our customer requirements.

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